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Our role matching algorithm was developed with you in the leading role of every search. All backed with the kind of tech that has your back. Here’s a rundown of what’s inside Casting Droid.

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Chris Zeiglx
Actor | Film | Television
Los Angeles, CA
Feature Film
Lead, Male, 18-30
Feature Film
Lead, Male, 27-40
Half Empty
Short Film
Supporting, Male, 18-25


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Lead Role

Your Pretty
"Recognizable" Face

Using Face Recognition technology Casting Droid scans your headshot and matches your personal look and features to thousands of current casting calls. Once suitable calls are detected you’ll receive a list of potential roles, also shared with Casting Directors from each production.
The Big Five Personality Traits

Stay In Character

With one quick evaluation of your acting profile Casting Droid creates an Actor’s Personality Model that links your personal traits and qualities to specific character specs.


Our A.I. is in the loop, connected and informed of every casting notice. So we not only know who’s landing auditions, we know why. Let the Casting Droid connect you to the roles that will most likely get you a callback. And a part.

A Fan Based

An app that loves the theater, film and performance as much as you do? That’s right. We’ve done an analysis of thousands of shows and movies, examined dialogue, physical facial features and expressions. A lot of binge watching just so we could narrow down and identify the similar roles that fit you best.
Actor Headshot - 67% Match
Actor Headshot - 32% Match
Actor Headshot - 96% Match

The Best Parts

The headshot you submit carries a of lot weight. It can be a deciding factor that cast you in a role or that casts you away. Our algorithm removes the doubt and determines the best headshot for the part.

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