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Cast a Droid To Do Your Casting

Admit it, sometimes casting an actor for a role takes ultra-human abilities. Sifting through terabytes of headshots, reels, resumes and one-sheets while visiting talent sites and social accounts can take hours. But what if Artificial Intelligence could do it for you in seconds? Exactly, you need a droid.

Casting Droid Platform

All the tools you need for a successful casting.

Our new Artificial Intelligence casting technology was developed to help you perform with unprecedented accuracy and speed. Analyzing reels and profiles, scanning headshots and getting you real results for every breakdown in seconds.

All in one place

Headshots, reels, and credits all on the same page so you don't have to dig around.

Refined Actors List

Stop searching through thousands of applicants with a refined list of great actors.

Powerful Search

We've analyzed all our actors to pinpoint exactly what you need.


Our A.I. analyzes your casting notice and finds the perfect match. 

You probably want to know how, right? Let us explain...
Lead Role

Let's Face It

When you look at a headshot you see more than just another pretty face. You pick up on personality cues and what "type" of character their face portrays. For every casting call posted our Face Recognition technology will scan thousands of headshots to detect the exact traits that match the role.
The Big Five Personality Traits

The Personality
Pop Quiz

In addition to Casting Droid’s expertise in the Performing Arts, it also dabbles in psychology. By analyzing an acting profile across the Big 5 personality dimensions, Casting Droid can quickly build an Actor’s Personality Model and link the actor's traits to your casting breakdown.

Make the Inside
Scoop a Double.

Informed, connected and aware of every casting notice Casting Droid tells you who's getting the auditions, call backs and landing the roles. Being in the know you’ll now have the insider info to improve your reach and your "castability."

Nerdiest Casting
App Ever

With every casting notice you submit Casting Droid will binge watch and scan thousands of films and shows. Through a detailed analyzation of characters, dialogue, physicality, facial expressions of similar roles, our A.I. finds the talent who has what it takes to fit the part.
Actor Headshot - 67% Match
Actor Headshot - 32% Match
Actor Headshot - 96% Match

The Algorithm
Knows Best

No matter how great they may be at acting, selecting the most appropriate headshot for the role isn’t always a performer's strong suit. The Casting Droid algorithm removes the guesswork and will submit the headshot that is right on the mark with what you are casting.

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